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Math-ST MATH (if you can)
Reading- Read 30 minutes/worksheet on main idea
Social Studies-None

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Classroom News
From Mrs. Liss, Mrs. Jenkins, and Ms. Vaughn
April 17-21
What are we doing?
Math: Subtracting with renaming, test on Wednesday
Reading: Drama Unit
Writing: Research informational
Social Studies: History- the Revolutionary War
Science: Test over Day & Night, Seasons, and Apparent Motion
Upcoming Dates:

April 14 & 17- NO SCHOOL
April 21- Discovery Day
April 24- Early dismissal
May 5- 1:00 5th Grade Spring Sing (4th grade is at 10:00)
May 12- Early dismissal & Instrumental Music Concert 10:00

Notes from the Teachers
* Thank you to all of the community members that will be participating in our second annual Lewis School Discovery Day. We are going to celebrate all the hard work students have done this year, and the end of testing, with a special day.  Each student will rotate to four different sessions (such as sign language, theater, cookie decorating, landscape design, crime scene investigation, etc.) to learn something new.
*Registration for the 2017-18 school year will be online. A green note was sent home this week with your child. Our computer labs will be open during the registration window and someone will be here to assist you if needed. If you do not register your child online by May 5, you will be required to come in and register them in person this August.
*Please complete the survey included in your child’s Friday folder this week. We only need one survey per household. The class returning the most surveys will receive a special award!
How to contact us:
Lewis School: 457-2632

Mrs. Jenkins: ext. 2257

Mrs. Liss: ext. 2256

Ms. Vaughn: ext. 2253
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