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Math-ST MATH (if you can)
Reading- Read 30 minutes/worksheet on main idea
Social Studies-None

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Classroom News
From Mrs. Liss, Mrs. Jenkins, and Ms. Vaughn
March 20-24
What are we doing?
Math: Rounding fractions, adding and subtracting fractions, equivalent fractions
Reading: Poetry
Writing: Literary Essays
Social Studies: Economics
Science: Food Webs & Animal Adaptations
... Flowers Clipart ...
Upcoming Dates:
March 13-17- SPRING BREAK
March 31- Early dismissal (11:30am)

Snowflake, Blue, Shiny
Notes from the Teachers

*The PARCC standardized test will begin April 6. Practice tests and tutorials for reading and math are available at https://parcc.pearson.com/ under the blue Test Preparation button.

*Students can play money games and practice skills for our economics unit by visitin the following website: http://senseanddollars.thinkport.org/games/home.html
How to contact us:
Lewis School: 457-2632

Mrs. Jenkins: ext. 2257

Mrs. Liss: ext. 2256

Ms. Vaughn: ext. 2253
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